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Woman Fakes Insanity to Get Out of Jury Duty, Gets Sentenced Herself

Woman Fakes Insanity to Get Out of Jury Duty, Gets Sentenced Herself

The lengths some will go to NOT to perform their civic duty.

Susan Cole, a beautician and cosmetics salesperson from Denver, CO, was recently feigning  mental illness in order to get herself excused from jury duty.

The Denver Post reported that, in order to persuade the court of her mental instability, Cole went so far as to smear heavy makeup on her face, leave curlers in her hair, and mismatch her shoes and socks.

Deceived, the court excused Susan Cole from jury duty.

Susan Cole was so pleased with her ploy that she placed a phone call to a local radio station to brag about her dismissal.  She admitted to her guilt, as well as the delight she took in wasting the court’s and taxpayers’ time.

She told the radio station, “When I put the lipstick on, I put it on so bad it looked like I didn’t know how to put lipstick on.”  She went on to further detail the delight she took in the outcome, regaling with hilarity the details of the ruse.  Susan, her friends and clients all shared a laugh at Susan Cole’s blatant disrespect of the judicial system.

Not all were similarly amused.  As luck (or misfortune, depending on your point of view) would have it, the judge who excused Cole happened to be a listener the day of Susan’s radio-show admission, and as a result has charged Cole with attempting to influence a public servant, which is a felony, as well as second-degree perjury.

Cole insists she suffers from Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome from serving in the military, as well as being hospitalized for mental illness while serving in the military.  Military records on Susan Cole reflect no such hospitalization. Cole also insists she was not trying to appear as if she had a mental illness on the day of her jury duty; as a woman in the beauty industry, Cole certainly knows to take curlers out.

Cole also attempts to quote the Bible, saying her on-air outburst was a “confession” because she was “embarrassed” by her behavior.

Cole’s punishment is being used as an example to discourage others from mocking the mentally ill in an attempt to be dismissed from their civic duty.

Cole’s apparent attempt to give the impression that those who suffer from mental illness do not have the capacity to serve on a jury has now played against her.

Susan Cole played up a stereotype; the way she portrayed herself was a simpleton’s interpretation of a physical manifestation of insanity.

In the end, Susan Cole was sentenced to forty hours of community service.

Case closed.

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