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Things to Consider When Hiring A Court Reporter

Things to Consider When Hiring A Court Reporter

Choosing the appropriate court reporter to transcribe your legal or business proceedings is important.  Important in ensuring that the details, the minutiae, of your hearing, deposition or trial are recorded completely and accurately; and important so that an accurate portrayal of the day’s events is produced.  These transcriptions are impartial, word-for-word accounts, and reviewing these verbatim transcripts can often reveal details that might otherwise have been missed.

Find a court reporter whose experience and availability reflects your needs


When hiring a court reporter, first consider your needs:  Are you looking for an all-around, general-use court reporting firm, or a particular stenographer or court reporting firm with extensive experience in your particular area of litigation?


You may also want to be sure the court reporting firm you are considering can handle the scheduling volume related to your litigation.  If you have a highly specialized piece of litigation, it may be preferable to select a court reporting company that not only has expertise in that particular discipline, but can also provide the online components necessary; for example, an online repository with 24/7 access to all documents, transcripts, exhibits and video library, as well as networking capabilities wherever your case may travel.

Cost is, and should be, a determining factor in choosing the appropriate stenographer for your needs.  Cost of services, as well as an accepted billing schedule, should be discussed and agreed to before beginning your project to avoid confusion moving forward.  Set your time-limit parameters, as well, and communicate this clearly.  Specifically defining your needs will also put you in a position to receive the most on-target cost proposals from potential court reporters.


The stenographer you choose should always be licensed and have the most up-to-date equipment and litigation-support technology.

When choosing the stenographer who is best suited to your needs, what you see is not always what you get.  Ask questions, then ask more questions. Take under advisement what is being offered, allowing time to discuss the particulars with others involved.  You are placing your litigation needs in their hands; you should be confident in your decision.   Choose the team who complies with proposal requests timely and unambiguously, has excellent project-management abilities, and understands your needs – and can meet them.

If you are looking for a court reporting company in Philadelphia

If you are looking for a court reporting agency that is the right fit for your needs, I invite you to contact us. has been serving attorneys and law firms in Philadelphia for years.  Come see the difference that we make for our clients.


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