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The Many Hats of a Stenographer

The Many Hats of a Stenographer

A stenographer is highly trained to record flawless, word-for-word transcripts of any occurrence whose proceedings require recording.  Stenographers are utilized by lawyers, government entities, courts, and the business and scientific fields, as well as closed captioning for media outlets.

The goings-on of government often require documentation for many different fields; most of these are manned by the official court stenographer.  This task ensures all bills passed or vetoed are noted, as well as detailed minutes for all goals are referenced.  This is usually a full-time, in-house, salaried reporting position.

hatsCourts also employ stenographers, though the demand for qualified stenographers reaches well outside the courthouse.  Lawyers utilize stenographers to record depositions and pretrial examinations, as well as a myriad of statements under oath.  Stenographers hired by the city or state for court proceedings are full-time employees, whereas private-sector court reporters hired by attorneys are in very high demand.

Some realtime stenographers have the unique ability to perform “CART,” or Communication Access Realtime Translation.  This realtime translation allows the hearing-impaired to follow along with the spoken word. The benefits of the CART reporter are more than obvious.

CART stenographers provide the closed captioning on different types of media, chief among them television broadcasts.  Because of their excellence in an already unique skill-set and their ability to capture the spoken word verbatim, the CART stenographer’s coverage of live events allow hearing-impaired individuals the ability to remain far more involved.  A physical presence by the court reporter is not necessarily required.  If offsite, they are considered “remote CART,” with the news (or sporting event) being fed live to the stenographer.

Colleges and universities often keep CART stenographers on staff as well.  Students are able to attend class and learn in a ‘regular’ classroom environment.  Traditional stenographers are also hired by universities to provide transcripts of lectures by speakers and others.

The stenographer is a multifaceted talent, employed throughout the public and private sector.

The hats worn are, indeed, many.

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