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The Advantage of Having an Experienced Court Reporter for Your Deposition

The Advantage of Having an Experienced Court Reporter for Your Deposition

The presence of an experienced stenographer, more commonly referred to as a court reporter, at your deposition can mean a great deal when preparing your case for trial.  The court reporter’s attention to detail when preparing the transcript could prove powerful in the courtroom setting.  Digital recording has its place, to be sure; however, the consensus across-the-board is that nothing can take the place of the live court reporter…

Why having an experienced court reporter makes the difference

The court reporter’s ability to record the spoken word is the very essence of the art.  Regardless of tempo of speech, accents or garbled mumble, the stenographer has an ability to do what no electronic recording can yet accomplish: Ask for the deponent to repeat the answer, or to more clearly enunciate his or her response.  Counsel themselves may be asked to repeat their question or colloquy, further clarifying the record.

To gain certification in most states, the stenographer must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Record, at a speed of at least 225 words per minute
  • Record 5 minutes of legal, medical and/or technical material with a minimum accuracy of 95%.

This can be accomplished only after the stenographer ‘learns’ an entire ‘language’ of phonetic shorthand, in many cases taking years.  The more experienced reporter may reach ‘bursts’ of speech approaching, and in some cases exceeding, 300 words per minute.  Only the most experienced stenographers can maintain the attention necessary to prepare a true-to-detail transcript under these demanding conditions.

Having an experienced stenographer at your deposition is far more beneficial than a recording device.  The recording device does not have the ability to capture and define the spoken word.  Also, it is not uncommon for automated recording devices to fail. Cases have had to be retried because of a recording device glitch.

Court reporters learn an entire vocabulary of specialized phrases and terminology during their training.  Upon earning their certification, they may, and often do, choose their niche field.  Hiring an experienced court reporter in their field means the stenographer is familiar with the information in the proceedings and isn’t confusing complicated terms in the jargon.

The advantage of having an experienced stenographer at your deposition is, the talented stenographer will deliver not only a complete transcription of the spoken word, but the proper ‘feel’ of the deposition, something no digital recording can deliver.

At the end of the day, an experienced court reporter is your best, and most reliable, keeper of the record.

About Philly Court Reporters

We have been providing litigation services including court reporting in Philadelphia for more than 30 years.  We specialize in blending service with the latest technology to help streamline your document storage and review process.

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