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Kim Kardashian Calls on Court Reporter for Help

Kim Kardashian Calls on Court Reporter for Help

Kim Kardashian is in trouble. She stands to lose a lot of money, and only a court reporter can rescue her. 

OK, a court reporter and five other witnesses.

kim-kardashian-launch-kardashian-kollection-01Reality star Kim Kardashian’s going through a predictably messy divorce with her husband of a year and a half, Kris Humphries. Humphries, for those who don’t know him from the tabloids, is a power forward with the Brooklyn Nets.

At issue: Humphries says he was “defrauded” into marrying Kardashian and claims she was after his money. Humphries says he wasn’t involved in the prenuptial agreement the couple signed before getting married.

The fact that the marriage only lasted a year only strengthens his argument she had other motives for marrying, Humphries alleges.

Court reporter to the stand

But Kardashian says Humphries knew exactly what was going on — and that’s where the court reporter comes in.

As part of the divorce proceedings, she’s calling six witnesses — including a court reporter — who are expected to testify that Humphries knew about the prenuptial agreement and knew what he was getting into with the marriage.

The witnesses expected to testify:

  • 2 managers involved in the prenuptial agreement
  • a lawyer
  • Kim and Kris Jenner (Kardashian’s parents), and
  • a court reporter who was present when the prenuptial agreement was signed.
Kris Humphries says he was not as involved in the couple's prenuptial agreement (source)

Kris Humphries says he was not as involved in the couple’s prenuptial agreement (source)

These witnesses, Kardashian’s camp says, will testify that “he was as interested in the business of marriage as she was,” a source told TMZ. In fact, the source says the couple disagreed and fought over specific elements of the prenuptial agreement in the time leading up to the marriage.

Relying on court reporters

It’s not every day a court reporter is asked to help out one of the country’s most recognizable reality stars. But in this case, it’s likely the court reporter will be an important witness — he or she is almost certainly more likely to be impartial than managers representing either celebrity or Kardashian’s parents.

However, it will likely take this court reporter out of his or her usual comfort zone. Court reporters are used to being impartial, recording the events of the trial or deposition with as much speed and accuracy as possible without getting bogged down by the intentions of the parties or trying to determine who was aware of what and to what extent.

The case also shows the value of having a real person in the courtroom during proceedings. While new technologies might have been able to capture all that was officially said and documented when the couple signed the prenuptial agreement, even the most advanced camera wouldn’t be able to testify as to what Humphries understood about the prenuptial agreement before he signed it.

Looking for a reliable court reporter?

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