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Hiring a Philadelphia Court Reporter



Philadelphia courts present some interesting challenges to attorneys, and it’s important to consider your law firms needs when it comes to stenography and court reporting.  Choosing a court reporter is typically a long-term relationship – many firms can go years without switching companies – but it’s always important to consider all your options when selecting a stenographer.

There’s more than 25 registered court reporting companies in Philadelphia so do your research and consider and few things before making a hiring decision:

Scheduling Options

Any lawyer is familiar with how quickly depositions and courtroom dates can change.  You need a company that’s not going to flinch when you need an urgent rescheduling. offers online scheduling and can quickly sent out a court reporter to even the most last minute deposition.

Whether you need a stenographer on hand, support preparing for a big case, or even video conferencing set up we can make it happen quickly and professionally.

We’re here to support your law firm and work around your schedule – not ours.  Have an urgent matter that you need support for?  Give us a call anytime – we’re ready.

Court Reporting Services

Digital stenography has been seeing some press lately and to this day traditional stenography and court reporting remain the most accurate way to record depositions and court cases.  We’ve even covered how some cases have failed due to shoddy court reporting on our blog. brings some of the most cutting edge technology to the courtroom without sacrificing quality.  Technical issues can stall a case or deposition so we choose the most accurate and reliable method of reporting based on your firms needs.

In addition provides unparalleled litigation support to law firms working with big cases – we’ll work with you to deliver exactly what your attorneys need to present their evidence and casework quickly , efficiently, and effectively.

We also offer a multitude of other document management and court reporting services including:

Philadelphia Court Reporting: The Bad Side

We’ve come across horrible examples of what some law firms have faced when working with the less than savvy court reporting companies here in Philadelphia.  Consider the recent case of a Philly court reporter suing no less than 34 law firms over a billing issue.


We’re not going to jump to conclusions with regards to who’s right in that court case – but provides each client a detailed over view of how we bill for our services – you’re not going to be surprised with hidden fees or costs and we certainly find it in the best interest of our business to avoid suing our clients.

Many of our clients have remained exclusive with us for years – all it takes is one call to find out why we’re different.