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A Philadelphia Court Reporting Company is Suing 34 Lawyers

A Philadelphia Court Reporting Company is Suing 34 Lawyers

Court reporting is a multi-faceted service that allows the judicial system and legal counsel the ability to maintain verbatim records of legal proceedings.  Freelance court reporters are sometimes paid per job, as well as per page of transcript.  Recently, during a trial involving several international law firms, one of the firms tried to reduce cost by making in-house copies of transcripts.  In response, a small court reporting firm is trying to hold them accountable.

Court reporting is an acquired knowledge.  Court reporters in many states must be issued a license after attending schooling and earning a degree of some level in court reporting.  To become accredited, you are required to learn to use a stenograph machine that helps you capture at least 225 words per minute, as well as the specialized language that is used to operate the machine.  Legal and medical terminology must also be learned, as well as acquiring an excellence in grammar and editing.

Court Reporters Demand Payment From Lawyers(source)

One Court Reporting Company is Demanding Payment from its Client and Other Firms

Regardless of whether a court reporter works for an agency or is a freelancer, their professional functions remain the same:

  • Using a stenograph machine to capture testimony verbatim in court proceedings
  • Transcribe the stenography into well-written and correctly edited court records
  • Supply legal counsel with counsel’s requested number of copies
  • Maintain the state’s legal documents with the ability to produce a court document at any time

Unless on staff by a court, stenographers are paid per job, but they are also sometimes paid per page of transcript because of the expertise involved in taking the initial transcripts, as well as the time invested in translating and editing them.  They must be translated into grammatically correct English documents, which takes time and patience.  If you can imagine, some testimony transcripts are 15,000 pages long.

Because reporting is a specialized trade, many stenographers within the court reporting community work in a freelance or per-job capacity.  This can mean that there are several different ways in which freelancers bill their clients.

One Philadelphia court reporting company decided to sue their client

Due to a billing discrepancy, a court reporting agency in Philadelphia, PA  is holding 34 lawyers and and their firms, who are handling a lawsuit being held in Philadelphia, responsible for not paying the industry standard, per page, transcription payment scale.

Stenography Example (source)

Stenography Example

According the suit, the agency provided stenography services for the court proceedings and supplied the legal counsel with the amount of copies of the transcripts requested.  They are accusing legal counsel of trying to cut costs within the case by making copies of their transcripts to supply the demand for the court case.  Because the court reporter owns the transcript, this is allegedly a breach in the court reporter’s payment requirements.

The court reporting agency in question is reportedly investigating their industry standard pay and contractual right to due compensation.

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