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Litigation Specialization Services

Because of our experience and size, we are able to offer tailored litigation-support services to niche and specialized litigation practices.  We can offer these services because we understand the business – our reporters handle depositions for niche-litigation every day of the week.  We work with small, medium, large, and boutique law firms.

We also have staff traveling all over the country (and sometimes world) because our clients rely on the specialized litigation services we provide them.  We like to think that says a lot about our dedication to our clients and our understanding of how to provide service for specialized litigation practices.

To find out more about our litigation support services in Philadelphia and world-wide

We regularly support the litigation needs of firms both local to Philadelphia and from other parts of the country (and world) that are engaged in litigation in the Philadelphia area. Our scheduling software can be synced so that it is easy to keep everything organized from out-of-town or on-the-road. Further, our data storage and digital filetypes make it easy to take your documents with you or keep your out-of-town team up to date. To find out the difference that our experience and dedication to service can make for your litigation matter, contact us today.

Contact us to discuss how we can custom build a support system for your complex trial needs.